Plan Your Party at The Blackburn Inn and Conference Center

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Party planning can be overwhelming. Luckily, hosting your event at The Blackburn Inn & Conference Center is easier than ever with our various offerings. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, a major milestone, a family reunion, or you just want an excuse to gather together, The Blackburn is the perfect venue for your next event. But where should you start? We make it easy to plan your party with us!

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Step 1: The Logistics
The first details to decide are the logistics, like who will be attending,what time of year do you want to throw it, and where (on the property) you want your event to take place! The Blackburn offers many different venues for you to choose from:

Great Hall
Our Great Hall merges historical details with modern amenities, and has the capacity for up to 225 guests. This venue would be perfect for a larger group!

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Gallery 1828
We also have Gallery 1828, which offers charm and minimal design to be transformed into the best venue for your needs. Depending on the table arrangements, Gallery 1828 can hold up to 150 people.

The Penthouse at The Lofts is another great option to use. This would be the best venue for a cozy get-together, hosting up to 40 people.

The Lawn
Lastly, you can throw your party on our lawn. The vast amount of grassy areas limit the number of attendees to only your imagination! You can even set up tents and tables for maximum relaxation outdoors.

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Step 2: Refreshments
After deciding when and where your celebration will be, it is time to think about any refreshments you may serve. Luckily, The Blackburn has an incredible on-site catering service with locally sourced ingredients. You are even able to choose your own menu with our Events Team! Our chefs are known to take care of your dining experience, so you can sit back and enjoy your party. Click here for a sample menu of our selections.

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Step 3: Music and Games
Now, you can choose the atmosphere of your event. Our events have ranged from laid-back elegant dinners, to multiple-day scheduled events. Wherever your party falls, we will create your ideal atmosphere! We have audio/visual capabilities for any DJ or live band. If you choose to bring your own music on a personal speaker, we can accommodate your needs with outlets and a prepared space. You can also choose if you would like to play any games at your event, or decide on a party theme and encourage guests to dress on theme!

Step 4: Fun Extras
The last step when party-planning is to think about if you would prefer any services that would take your event to the next level. Book a photographer or videographer to create lasting memories, or a fun alternative would be to rent a photobooth for your guests! Also, our dedicated Events Team can even point you in the right direction when deciding what decorations to use! At the end of the party, it will be time to retreat to your hotel room. The Blackburn offers room blocks, so your guests can relax and not worry about having to drive home after your event!

Bonus tip - enjoy downtown Staunton!
Even if the event is over, that doesn’t mean that your time in Staunton has to be! Staunton has a wide array of restaurants and shops for you to choose from. The Blackburn is perfectly positioned to explore all of Virginia’s regional destinations, as we are footsteps away from charming Downtown Staunton and we are in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. Learn more about things to do in Staunton here!

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Choose to celebrate your most special moments with loved ones at The Blackburn Inn and Conference Center! Our team is ready to help you. Book your next event at The Blackburn Inn and Conference Center, or contact Brooke & Isabel at directly to set up a time to chat or tour the property!